Finding the building

You’ve made it onto Washington Street, you’re almost there. Bear to the right here rather than following the circle back uphill. Washington Street is a loop, so if you miss us, just go around again.

A Valet, How Fancy!

If your event has valet parking, this is where you will find the valets. Just pull up in line behind the sign, hand over your keys and head down the stairs next to Fury’s Publick House. The stairs will be back toward the river from the valet line.

Turn into the Facility

You can enter the Washington Street complex by taking the right just before the bridge seen here. Alternatively, parking is available over the bridge. There’s a large public lot on the left and parking on the other side of the river facing the Washington Street buildings.

Start Thinking About Parking

Now that you’re in the facility, it’s time to park. If it’s after 5pm on a weekday or any time on a weekend or holiday, grab a spot here (ignoring the reserved signs) or continue around the building to the larger lot. If you’re coming to Rivermill for a tour during the week, keep going: we have two assigned spots right in front of our doors.

Time to Park It

If you’re attending an event, this large lot is as close as you’re going to get. All parking beyond this point is reserved for handicapped guests, bridal parties, etc.

Getting Warmer

Whether you are on foot or you will be parking right in front of the building, come through this alley (we’re working on a fancier name) and turn left.

Home at Last!

You’ve found us. Please come right up the ramp and straight through the double glass doors.